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The Cigna Body&Mind app is a personalized stress management tool designed to strengthen your well-being

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Cigna Body&Mind

As part of our mission to improve the physical and emotional well-being of the people we serve, we’ve collaborated with healthcare professionals to create the Cigna Body&Mind app.

Now you can build your resilience to stress using advice from wellness experts. You also have a suite of tools and resources to establish healthy habits, track your progress and connect with other users on interactive challenges.

Key Features

Action Plan

Choose an action plan, and it will help you to:

  • Identify new habits to adopt
  • Monitor your daily activities
  • Master new health behaviors

Seamlessly integrate your smart devices so you can:

  • Log daily activities
  • Track your personal progress
  • Measure performance against your goals

Access our growing library of tips and advice from wellness experts by:

  • Reading articles, recipes and news
  • Watching videos and tutorials
  • Listening to well-being podcasts
Social Support

You can take part in friendly competitions to help you:

  • Hit personal goals during team challenges
  • Keep extending your targets
  • Be motivated by group competitions

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By submitting you agree to receive content and emails associated with the “Cigna Stress Care” campaign. Any answers you provide to the stress questions will be stored temporarily in an anonymized format. We will always treat your personal details with the utmost care and will only use this for the purposes outlined. You can view our Data Privacy Notice here.

Our FAQ's

To receive an activation code for the Cigna Body&Mind app, simply provide your email address on the form on this page. We’ll email an activation code to you straight away.

If your activation code does not work, please provide your email address on the form on this page and we’ll send you a new one to use straight away.

Once you’ve used your activation code and successfully registered for the Cigna Body&Mind app, there’s no need to keep hold of it. You can log in with your username and password from this point on.

The Cigna Body&Mind app is completely free to use.

You do not need to already be a Cigna customer in order to be able to use the Cigna Body&Mind app.

We hope to make the Cigna Body&Mind app available to US residents early in 2021. If you are a US resident and would like to be made aware when the app is available, please provide your email address using the form on this page. We’ll notify you as soon as the app is available to US residents.

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