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Healthcare is not the same in every country – it can vary greatly across the globe. Whether this is your first international assignment or you are an experienced traveler, there may be health-related preparations you need to make before you leave.

The Pre- Departure Medical Assessment program can help you manage your healthcare prior to and during your assignment in order to avoid medical emergencies and ensure a successful international assignment. A nurse can help you plan ahead and give you information about accessing healthcare, whether medications are available in your assignment country or if alternatives may be necessary, as well as how to find a doctor.

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View the following pre-recorded webinar sessions to learn how you and your family can stay connected, adapt to change and stay healthy:

Live Webinars | Hosted by Cigna Global Health Benefits®

A young woman comforting an older woman

Coping with Critical Illness

3 February 2023 | 10 AM

Many serious health problems seem to develop unexpectedly, upsetting your life out of the blue. When that happens, you may feel overwhelmed by difficult emotions, including worry, sadness, despair, and grief. Some people may also experience the feeling that they might never be able to cope. However, participants can learn to manage these feelings, adjust to a new way of living, and live a fulfilling life.

A young mum doing yoga with her young girl

International Women's Day

8 March 2023 | 10 AM

Celebrate women and all their achievements, raise awareness of various topics and speak about factors affecting women in today’s world.

On-demand Online Webinars

Replay of these on-demand webinars will be available until December 2023.

Conquering Compassion Fatigue

Those in helping professions are at increased risk for this type of burnout. Learn to recognize and respond to signs in healthy ways.


Embracing Optimism

Is your glass half full or half empty? We all have the power to shift to a more positive way of thinking. Learn simple tips that can help.


Finding Your Resilience

Life can play rough, but you have the power to bounce back. Join us to explore the concept of resilience and learn how to strengthen yours.


Mental Health: You Can Make a Difference

Mental wellness matters. We'll discuss how to move past stigma to recognize, acknowledge and respond to concerns.


Pay It Forward: A Guide to Giving Back

From random acts of kindness to volunteering, you can make life better for others. Find out how to get started and the benefits when you do.


Secrets of Happiness

Who doesn't want to be happy? But is getting there really a secret? Explore what happiness is and how to find more of it.


Stress Less: Mind and Body Strategies

The tension of stress impacts us physically and emotionally. Discover simple, but powerful, ways to release the pressure and reclaim balance.


The Power of Authenticity

Does your public image match your inner truth? Discover the benefits and growth that can come when it does. And learn how to make it so.


The Power of Gratitude The Power of Gratitude

Even in the hardest times, there's something to be grateful for. Discover how an "attitude of gratitude" can enrich and empower.


Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress

Trauma can enter our lives in many ways and leave a lasting imprint. Learn about brain processes that play a role and gain strategies that can help.


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