Frequently Asked Questions

The Cigna Wellbeing® App* helps you manage your wellbeing wherever you go. Here are answers to some of our FAQs:

Downloading and registering

Search for “Cigna Wellbeing” on either the App Store or Google Play.

No, the Cigna Wellbeing App is FREE to download and available for use by Cigna Global Health Benefits® customers.

If you’ve already registered for Cigna Envoy®, simply login to Cigna Wellbeing with the same Cigna ID number and password. If you’ve not registered for Cigna Envoy:

  • Visit
  • Register using the first nine digits of your Cigna ID number – you’ll find it in your welcome email
  • Simply use the same Cigna ID and password to access the Cigna Wellbeing App on your phone.


Yes, use these steps below to log in the first time:

  1. Select “Cigna Envoy (Member)” option in the sign up page. This is the first page displayed when you open the app for the first time.
  2. In the welcome page use your envoy credentials and hit login. If you have not created your Envoy credentials click on “Register” to displays the Envoy registration page on the App.

Yes, you can activate the “Remember me” switch and your Cigna ID will be automatically applied every time you use the app. You’ll need to enter your password each time.

Yes, your dependents, over 18 years old, can access the app once you have sent them an invitation using the dependent option within the app.

To send an invite log in to the app, select “More” and then “Manage My Dependents”. Select the dependent you would like to register with their own log in. Enter their email address so that they can receive an invitation to complete the registration process. This invite and registration is only applicable to Cigna Wellbeing App.

  1. Select “Cigna Envoy (Dependent)” option in the sign up page. This is the first page displayed when you open the app for the first time.
  2. In the welcome page use your email address (the one you received the app invitation) and the temporary password included in the email invitation and hit login. You will start the registration process to change the temporary password.

Cigna Wellbeing features

The App is supported in the following languages: British English, American English, Spanish, American Spanish, French and German. It will automatically install in the language of your mobile phone.

All the following:

  • Global Telehealth**
  • Health and wellbeing assessments
  • Targeted assessments relating to sleep, stress, nutrition and physical activity
  • Health library, featuring articles and recipes
  • Chronic condition management programs on diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • International Employee Assistance Program (IEAP)****
  • Online Coaching Programs**
  • Biometrics

Select “Trackers” in the top right corner of your home screen. You’ll have the ability to add new details by selecting the “+” icon.

Cigna Wellbeing App vs Cigna Envoy

Cigna Envoy is the self-service portal to access your medical plan benefits, claims, provider network, ID cards, eligibility status and much more. The Cigna Wellbeing App is designed to support your personal health and wellbeing. It features tools, resources and access to clinical services that add up to a healthier you.

There are some wellness services that are available in both the app and Cigna Envoy, such as the Health Assessment and Targeted Risk Assessments. Cigna Wellbeing gives you access to clinical and wellness services that provide the tools, support and guidance to help you take control of your health. You’ll be able to manage conditions, receive personalized advice, assess your lifestyle in common “trouble spots” and much more. If telehealth is offered through your employer, in many cases you’ll even be able to schedule a same-day consult (by phone or video) with a licensed doctor for non-emergency health issues.

Yes, the data from Cigna Envoy syncs with the Cigna Wellbeing App on an hourly basis.

How to access

Simply select the “Focus” tab and then “Assessments” at the top. You’ll then see a list of assessments you can complete.

Select the “Programs” tab for online coaching programs.

Simply select “Get Care” at the bottom of your screen and then “International Employee Assistance Program”. Provided you allow the app to utilize your GPS location, the call button will identify the toll-free country phone number to direct dial the IEAP service center on your behalf.

You’ll be asked if you’d like to receive coaching within the Health Assessment.

If you meet specific criteria within the Health Assessment, you can opt for a call from our Clinical team to work with you on creating an action plan to manage your condition(s).

Global Telehealth

Global telehealth doctors will listen to your specific concerns, ask the right questions and provide clear advice to you about the best steps to take. You will be able to share documents, images and files. They can also help you understand the local health care system and how to organize your next appointments. This enables you to make the most efficient use of your visit to your treating doctor. The global telehealth service is also connected to our Cigna Case Management team, who will be made available to you for further assistance when appropriate (with your consent, of course).

  • Video or phone consultations with a licensed doctor
  • A diagnosis for non-emergency health issues and acute conditions
  • Prescriptions for common health concerns when medically necessary
  • Making preparations for an upcoming consultation
  • Discussing a medication plan and the potential side effects

After a video consultation, notes and any applicable prescription(s) by the telehealth doctor will be uploaded to your Cigna Wellbeing App, where they can be accessed and viewed. After telephone consultations you will receive your details via email.

It’s convenient as there’s no need to leave the house or your workplace. It provides access 24/7/365 to a doctor, usually within 24 hours (time can fluctuate depending on language preference). Finally, it provides mobile app access to real-time scheduling, so you can set up your appointment easily, at a time that works for you.

First request an appointment. Use your Cigna Wellbeing App to make an appointment with a doctor anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Next you’ll speak with a doctor. Your initial global telehealth consultation will be with a General Practitioner (GP) – by phone or video. When medically necessary, a prescription will be sent to you to take to your local pharmacy.

If the GP feels that you should speak with a specialist, the GP will schedule another telehealth appointment with a Teladoc*** network specialist.

Someone using the Cigna Well Being App on their mobile phone

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