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Your stress visualization

Congratulations! You’ve completed the stress test and have taken the first step to manage your stress levels more effectively.

Your answers suggest you are experiencing no or low levels of stress. This is likely to mean you’re under a healthy amount of pressure day-to-day, which is good news.

Your Stress visualization

Now, what does this mean for your body? Cigna has partnered with Digital Artist, Sean Sullivan, in an attempt to make the invisible visible, and help show how stress can affect you physically as well as emotionally. Using innovative technology, we found a way to read and measure stress indicators all over the body. We then turned them into striking motion artwork to help you see stress differently.

See your stress visualized-based on your personal level of stress. The cooler colors and calm textures indicate lower, more manageable levels of stress in your body and mind. Higher stress levels would manifest in hotter colors and more turbulent movement.

Once you’ve had a look, don’t forget to take the next step and create a Stress Care PLAN to support your well-being.

Encourage a friend, family member, or colleague to recognize, understand and take control of their own stress.

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